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Our Holistic Approach

The Prestwood Dental Health Centre was founded on a holistic mercury free ethos, today we continue that tradition and at the same time have become a centre for excellent quality dentistry.

we are aware that the bodies systems all work in equilibrium, this means that there are certain ailments that will affect the oral cavity and likewise certain oral diseases that will affect the rest of the body detrimentally. By having an understanding and awareness of these processes we feel we are able to offer all our patients a unique and holistic approach to their dental treatment. We don’t only treat a particular tooth but the person the tooth belongs to!

At the Prestwood Dental Health centre we only use white filling materials, if you are concerned about your silver fillings please contact us, we will discuss with you how we can safely take out your old silver fillings and replace them with the very best in tooth coloured fillings.

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